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IT Relocation Services in Singapore & Malaysia. With the growth and expansion of business, the company needs to upgrade its IT systems as well as transport them to different locations. IT relocation is done when a company decides to shift to a new site. It is not easy to relocate to a new site with your IT requirements without professional help. Shifting to a new site requires a professional relocation and migration service provider to transport existing servers to the new data centers. DELTEQ provides its clients with professional server relocation services with the well-defined methodology. With our expertise and resources that are required to assess, plan and execute a complex migration project, feel relieved while taking the call.

With our comprehensive discovery tools and subject-matter experts, we identify IT infrastructure, its utilization, and application interdependence. This helps us create a cost-effective, risk-free migration strategy for virtual cloud migrations and physical relocations.

Why is relocation and migration needed?

Businesses need to migrate their data centers for few reasons like space limitations, financial considerations, mergers, and acquisitions, or administrative consistency. Regardless of their recurrence, data center relocation remains complex undertakings that, if not managed appropriately, could cause a greater number of issues than can be settled.


Space Restrictions

For a growing business, it is essentially important to have space enough to expand. With growing business and expansion you would be requiring more working space, and workforce. As the workforce increases you would require IT relocation.DELTEQ provides world-class IT equipment relocation services that ensure risk-free migration.


Financial Consideration

With the growth in your business, you would need to be more considerate about your investments to make correct moves. Relocation your server is a tough call but when it comes to smart investment it becomes an important decision. At DELTEQ with our exchange server services, we make it easy for you to relocate your business to a new site without any hustle.


Mergers and Acquisitions

BaaS is another service that gives our clients a framework for the backup, storage, and recovery of PC records. DELTEQ provides its customers with online backup services that help the clients to retain their valuable data in case of any crisis. Such backup services are also viewed as a type of cloud business solution. Online backup services are commonly worked around a customer programming program that keeps running on a timetable.


Administrative Consistency

Maybe your business is relocated to a different place and you may feel issues in dealing with the administrative part. It is better to relocate your business to a place where it becomes easier for you to keep a check of administration responsibilities along with the responsibilities of expanding the business.

Delteq IT Relocation


Moving Data To The Cloud

While relocating your company from its initial site to a new site there are several considerations that are to be made. The most important being the transportation of content over a distance. When it is about a large set of data, it becomes difficult to move the data over traditional internet links due to limitations with the bandwidth. DELTEQ provides packaged cloud storage that lets you capture your content on our migration tools and ship them to storage arrays.


Server Relocation & Migration

DELTEQ offers exchange server services to several companies in the IT sector and MNCs. With well-equipped and experienced team to handle your high valued equipment either live or demo servers, storage racks, disk arrays etc. we make sure you face no difficulty in setting up your business at a new site.


Windows Server Migration

It helps our customers to migrate one feature at a time from the source that is running Window server to another destination. It is best suited and recommended for businesses that are paving their way to the top.

Web Server Migration

Web Server Migration services are the most popular ones in our domain. We let our clients exchange servers with our well-designed exchange server tools that ensures no data is lost or hampered while the migration completes.


SQL Server Migration

We offer SQL Server migration assistant for your business which is a tool to automate migration from Microsoft Access database to the SQL server.

Linux Migration

Our experts replicate the service environment to the new site along with the transfer of data to ensure your business does not face any issue due to site relocation.



VMware Migration

The live migration lets our clients move an entire running virtual machine from one physical server to another with no downtime.

AWS Migration

AWS Server Migration Service (SMS) is a migration service that lets you transfer all your on-premise ventures with AWS quickly and securely.



Cloud Data Migration

At DELTEQ our experts make sure you do not have to face the problem of downtime while implementing your new IT solutions to expand your business and improve your company's efficiency and productivity. Our business experts help you with insights into the minute aspects of your business. We help you with infrastructure platforms that suit your IT management needs.

Data Center Migration

At DELTEQ we ensure successful Data Center Migration with careful planning and experience. We hold expertise in executing the migration process. With a well prepared and experienced team, all the activities are carefully implemented and migration takes place in record time. For example Azure data center migration solutions provide you with cloud to help you with cost-effective, flexible cloud migration paths.

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