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We provide enterprise cloud storage services that help our clients in reducing infrastructure and management costs with improved data accessibility. With our intelligent IT infrastructure storage solutions enjoy the benefits of high performance flash for your data. As you grow with more mergers and acquisitions and business expansion it becomes more important to ensure no loss of data. DELTEQ provides its customers the most secure cloud storage manager that ensures not a bit of data is lost.

Delteq Data storage options

There is a dizzying cluster of big data storage alternatives available. DELTEQ works with you to provide solutions that address your present-day issues and takes into account future development.


Entry-Level Storage

DELTEQ’s entry-level online database storage system is designed with sophisticated abilities for a storage system of entry-level class.


Network Attached Storage

DELTEQ helps you while selecting a Network Attached Storage (NAS) that suits your business needs and provides a high level of application availability.


Storage Area Network

It is an object level storage solution. Storage Area Network products are conveyed to encourage big data analytic conditions because of their proficiency intending to escalated works.


Cloud Storage

DELTEQ is a Cloud Storage Company that offers low-cost public cloud storage. You can get some data security even at lower cost but it is one of the most relied solutions.


Flash Systems

Flash storage systems give the reduced waiting time scalable execution and operational productivity expected to open insights from developing volumes of information.


Oracle Tap Storage

Oracle Tape Storage provides your business data security and retention from on-premises to the cloud.

At DELTEQ with our Cloud Storage and Backup, we emphasize the cost aspect too. We ensure that enterprises get the best resources and additional services at amazing prices that meet their big data storage and backup requirements.

Our Cloud Storage solutions are based on:

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