Comprehensive Server Data Backup Solutions

At DELTEQ we provide data backup and disaster recovery in Malaysia and Singapore to protect your data, manage risk and reduce all IT operating costs. Our cloud disaster recovery services helps you protect all your critical information, with efficient data recovery. Our services provides you On-Premise Backup and Recovery for remote systems in private and hybrid clouds. You can restore business applications, servers or a single file whenever you need.

Server Backup Vs. Online Data Backup


Online Data Backup

Online backup solutions are easy and convenient way to backup your data. With user friendly applications and payment schemes are well structured and straightforward. When you take backup of your data online it is always at risk in case there is a cyber security attack.


Server Backup

These are more reliable data backup solutions. It is because these are tangible backup server that you can visit to. It is not shared on a random company data center server but is hosted at a reliable data center which offers data center backup solutions.

Disaster Recovery (DR) moves far beyond simply backing up information. DELTEQ offers effective DR plan that just not maps out how to get basic applications back up and running, but also designs where it will be administered from. It is constantly more effective and more affordable to prepare before hand.

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