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The cloud managed services have changed how business in the IT sector function. Cloud-based infrastructure services have brought enterprise-class innovation and services to the market. The greatest effect of enterprise cloud services and solutions is being felt by little and medium-sized organizations. Cloud computing for small business has made it quite visible that there is no more requirement for expansive capital investments to avail the rewards of technology.

New hybrid cloud solutions come to market almost every day. Understanding which IT cloud solutions offer long-term value that guarantees the investment of time and finance relies upon your specific needs. There are a few solutions that most businesses can use immediately to see efficiency and service level growth.

Delteq Cloud computing services:

DELTEQ is one of the best cloud computing company & cloud service provider in Singapore and Malaysia. With organizations being more cautious with their IT spending, IT divisions may require less staff as workload increments because of business needs. DELTEQ provides managed cloud servers that could be seen as one of the roads to enable the staff to refocus on what truly matters.


IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

Regardless of whether an on-premise deployment or using an open source cloud storage advantages, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a type of cloud computing that gives virtualized registering assets. DELTEQ provides its customers cloud dedicated servers that host their applications. We also help our clients manage tasks including system support, backup, and flexibility in planning.


PaaS (Platform as a Service)

Platform as an administration (PaaS) is a classification of cloud computing services that gives a space enabling clients to create, run, and manage applications. DELTEQ provides its clients an edge in setting up cloud server space and backups. It helps businesses avoid complicated building and keeping up with the systems commonly connected with developing and launching an application.


BaaS (Backup as a Service)

BaaS is another service that gives our clients a framework for the backup, storage, and recovery of PC records. DELTEQ provides its customers with online backup services that help the clients to retain their valuable data in case of any crisis. Such backup services are also viewed as a type of cloud business solution. Online backup services are commonly worked around a customer programming program that keeps running on a timetable.



Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is the replication and facilitating of physical or virtual servers by an outsider to give failover in case of man-made or regular disasters. With its world best services DELTEQ has emerged as best cloud computing company & cloud service provider in Malaysia and Singapore.


Managed Cloud

DELTEQ does not just deploy and execute the IT cloud solutions to fulfill your business needs but manages it too. With our services and support team available 24 x 7, our customers will have significant serenity as we will cooperate with your business team to guarantee issues are settled in a convenient and expert way.


Private / Hybrid / Public Cloud Management Platform

Utilizing cross-stage tools is judicious while executing a hybrid cloud management strategy that includes various service providers. It's tricky to figure out what blend of cloud computing solutions will be significant. With a pool of experts at DELTEQ in their fields of expertise, we have the capacity to give and suggest best fit solutions for your requirements.

Our Cloud Technology Solution Partners


Google apps

Google Apps provide an advanced productivity suite based on cloud technology. Google cloud solutions are designed and developed exclusively to help your business and colleagues to interact with each other from any location and get work done smoothly. The SaaS solutions is quite easy to install and setup, and allows you, and user to work smarter. The Google cloud computing services comes with loaded features like gmail, google docs, spreadsheets, calendar and slides.


Hosted Email & Microsoft office

Microsoft Office offers best cloud email solution for business. It is best suited for desktop, team collaboration and productivity tools delivered via the cloud. It provides you an easy access to email, documents, web conferencing and calendar. Microsoft cloud service provider is suited for businesses of all sizes.

With its best cloud email storage & security Microsoft Office is the most popular choice among business across the world.


AWS (Amazon web service)

The Amazon cloud services has been designed for Our Business Associates who are delivering professional services to management offend customer AWS deployments like Digital Agencies, Value Added Resellers, Managed Service Providers, and System Integrators.

Virtual desktop service

With virtual desktop services enjoy being connected to desktops virtually, thus stay connected with your business even when moving. With its cost-effectiveness, it has gained popularity amongst the businesses as it also favors access to apps, files, and other documents.


Oracle Cloud Solution

Oracle Cloud solution provides servers, storage, network, applications and services through a global network of Oracle Corporation managed data centers. The services are implemented to build, deploy, integrate, and extend applications in the cloud.

At DELTEQ we offer best cloud hosting solutions for business of all kinds and sizes. We understand that with the development of a huge and distinct ecosystem in the cloud computing field and with new and flourishing technologies the businesses who are thinking about private cloud computing have a developing platelet to browse and choose what could really profit them. Thus we tend to boast to be the best cloud server hosting company in the domain.


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